I'm a direct response copywriter and I use direct response copywriting ... and direct marketing principles ... when I work with my clients.

The process starts with a thorough evaluation of the potential customers, the product or service, and the marketing. I have a checklist I use before writing a word. I want you to "back up the truck" with information ... everything is extremely valuable.

Then I write copy ... headline/leads ... bullets ... benefits ... guarantee ... close ... story about the product ... graphics ... illustrations. All the classic and proven elements.

I send the draft to the client. Sometimes the client will ask for an additional version for A/B or multi-variate testing. I also write complementary copy including emails, video scripts, and PPC ads, and related content.

Then I wait for data from the client. How successful was the copy? How did the test go? What is the other data? What can we do next?

Once a control is established, I aim to beat that control.

For additional information about my copy and how I can help you, call 704-517-0241 or please contact me here.