Case Studies

Case Studies

Helping Revolution Golf Become the #1 Direct to Consumer Golf Site

Perhaps the biggest sales and marketing success in golf in the last decade, Revolution Golf perfected the direct to consumer model. I participated in the acquisition funnel with Ryan Levesque. I have written sales pages, emails, and related copy. In 2017, NBC/The Golf Channel acquired Revolution Golf.

 Turning a Book into a Profitable Information Product

A well-known golf teacher asked me to write a business book for him. Despite an impressive track record in the book publishing business, the major publishers declined the book. So I turned the book into an information product that sells for $129. I also wrote the sales page which converts at 3%. 

Writing an Information Product and Websites for The World's #1 Golf Marketing Company

One of my clients is the world's top golf marketing company. The company sells information products for the golf market and also produces websites for clients around the world. Account managers at this company regularly contract me to write direct response copy. The head of the company, who is also a direct response copywriter, also contracts me to write copy for his products.  We jointly created an information product for the wedding industry; I created the product and wrote the copy for the sales page.

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