About Scott Martin - Specialist Golf Copywriter. Helping You Generate Revenue Through the Power of Direct Marketing and Direct Response Copy.

I've been writing copy for 28 years. My portfolio includes work for agencies, corporations, and smaller companies. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in English and Comparative Literature; I was a Morehead Scholar.

While I can write branding copy for the golf space, most of my clients hire me to write direct response copy. My biggest client to date has been Revolution Golf, a leader in direct to consumer golf marketing. The Golf Channel acquired Revolution Golf in 2017. My clients include ...

  • Revolution Golf
  • The Golf Channel/NBC
  • The Jim McLean Golf School
  • The Dana Rader Golf School
  • Legendary Marketing

I have worked directly with many of the world's top golf teachers including ...

  • Sean Foley
  • Jim McLean
  • Cameron McCormick
  • Martin Chuck
  • Martin Hall

Most of my golf writing today is copywriting. However, my golf portfolio includes 10 books including The Book of Caddyshack: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Greatest Movie Ever Made. I've also written for numerous local, regional, and national publications.

I live in Colorado, deep in the Rockies. I'm also a part-time ski instructor with my Level 1 certification from The Professional Ski Instructors of America.

I specialize in helping companies, courses, clubs, and organizations sell golf products and services through the power of direct marketing and direct response copywriting. For additional information, call 704-517-0241 or please contact me here